JT Recruit
Amy Macken

Amy Macken

Recruitment Administrator - Loughborough Branch

Professional Questions

When did you start working at JT Recruit?
18th October 2021
What are your greatest achievements?
My two children and my university degree
What motivates you in work?
Money! (of course!?) … and several cups of tea.
What are your specialist sectors?
Administration – being super organised!
What are the biggest challenges that you face on a day to day basis?
Avoiding the munchies
What do you like about working for JT Recruit?
It’s a small friendly firm which makes the days go super quick
What is the best bit of the week for you?
Why do you like about working in recruitment?
It’s a fast paced environment where no two days are the same
Why did you decide to move into recruitment?
Its similar in a lot of ways to my residential lettings background, plus it’s a local job with hours that fit around my children

Personal Questions

What are your hobbies and interests?
I love to cook and bake, attend gym classes and sewing
Favourite band
Florence and the machine
Favourite destination
Brixham, Devon
Favourite food
Favourite TV programme
Anything property related!
Favourite joke
How do you know when the ocean greets you? It waves
If you could choose any car then what would it be and why?
Porsche Macan in teal blue! WOW
What would be a perfect day out of work?
A day out by the coast with my family
What is you next big ambition in life?
To start travelling again and have lots of family holidays

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