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Hayley Jones MIRP CertRP

Hayley Jones MIRP CertRP

Recruitment Consultant - Loughborough Branch

Professional Questions

When did you start working at JT Recruit?
7th March 2016
What are your greatest achievements?
Trekking through a jungle in Thailand in flip flops and a bikini and not causing myself any physical harm. And completing my degree.
What motivates you in work?
A positive environment, realistic targets and multiple mugs of tea.
What are your specialist sectors?
Health and Social Care up to now, but soon to be Commercial.
What are the biggest challenges that you face on a day to day basis?
Getting out of bed in the morning...
What do you like about working for JT Recruit?
The positive environment, realistic targets and recognition of hardwork and achievements.
What is the best bit of the week for you?
I’ve only done one so far so I’ll let you know!
Why do you like about working in recruitment?
Each day is different and I love relationship building with clients and candidates, and the massive high when I place someone successfully.
Why did you decide to move into recruitment?
I fell into it really when I relocated from Southport! I was looking for a new customer focused challenge that wasn't retail.

Personal Questions

What are your hobbies and interests?
Running(/plodding), pole and eating.
Favourite band
It’s very mood dependent…always loved Maroon 5 though, and Christina Aguilera (!!)
Favourite destination
Favourite food
This is also very mood dependent! Usually something Asian though, or chocolate
Favourite TV programme
Favourite joke
I really really can’t, sorry!
If you could choose any car then what would it be and why?
Something big and comfy with sat nav and air con  (because I’ve only ever had something small and uncomfortable with no sat nav or air con..)
What would be a perfect day out of work?
Spending time with friends or family…preferably outside in the sunshine
What is you next big ambition in life?
To buy a house and a new car. I also desperately want to travel around South America

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