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Rebekka Jones

Rebekka Jones

Recruitment Consultant - Loughborough Branch

Professional Questions

When did you start working at JT Recruit?
5th February 2019
What are your greatest achievements?
I think my career history is probably one of my biggest achievements. Along with keeping my house plants alive!!
What motivates you in work?
Definitely encouragement from the team and some good old office banter!
What are your specialist sectors?
Not sure yet ;)
What are the biggest challenges that you face on a day to day basis?
Getting out of bed and getting to work for 7am!
What do you like about working for JT Recruit?
Such a lovely team and company to work for!
What is the best bit of the week for you?
Friday 4pm – always excited for a lie in on a Saturday! :P
Why do you like about working in recruitment?
I love the variety of jobs we have coming in, and the challenge of trying to find suitable candidates.
Why did you decide to move into recruitment?
I think it’s going to be such a rewarding role, finding jobs for people who need them

Personal Questions

What are your hobbies and interests?
I’m a rep for a candle company which takes up a fair bit of my time out of work, but I love it! (And my house smells amazing!). But I’m also a huge BTCC fan!
Favourite band
Oh so many! Love a bit of 80’s rock!
Favourite destination
Anywhere in Italy!
Favourite food
Lasagne and garlic bread! Mmmmm!
Favourite TV programme
Luther… still waiting for Idris Elba to propose to me…
Favourite joke
My jokes aren’t appropriate for the work website :P
If you could choose any car then what would it be and why?
Porsche Cayenne Turbo – Anyone want to lend me £99k? ;)
What would be a perfect day out of work?
A day at the race track… not fussy which, as long as there’s fast cars!
What is you next big ambition in life?
Definitely to buy my own house!

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