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Kimberley Kirkwood MIRP CertRP

Kimberley Kirkwood MIRP CertRP

Senior Recruitment Consultant - Mansfield Branch

Professional Questions

When did you start working at JT Recruit?
9th March 2015
What are your greatest achievements?
Buying home at 19, and having my two boys.
What motivates you in work?
Seeing the daily booking sheets increasing, getting more staff out each day. The satisfaction that you have got someone into work and knowing that it’s a good fit for both them and the client.
What are your specialist sectors?
Driving, Distribution & Warehouse, but I'm a bit of an all round 360 consultant.
What are the biggest challenges that you face on a day to day basis?
Time management, keeping all the plates spinning, ensuring I am spending enough time on each little sector to keep everyone happy.
What do you like about working for JT Recruit?
You are part of a fantastic team with great MD. Feel part of a crazy family.
What is the best bit of the week for you?
Now I am no longer working weekends, I have to be honest and say the quality time I now get to spend with my family. But I love the Sunday night feeling knowing I am going to work Monday morning to somewhere that I really love!
Why do you like about working in recruitment?
No day is ever the same, you get to constantly meet new people with all different personalities and backgrounds. Everyone has a story to tell and you can always learn something new.
Why did you decide to move into recruitment?
When I spotted the vacancy something about it drew me in and it just felt right. I had never worked in recruitment before but excited about learning something new and new challenges.

Personal Questions

What are your hobbies and interests?
I love to read, I am known as a ‘read-a-holic’ by my family, you can give me any type of book and as soon as I’ve read a couple chapters I won’t be able to put it down.
Favourite band
It’s not a band but I love Robbie Williams.
Favourite destination
Walt Disney Wold / Florida. I can’t wait until my boys are old enough to go!
Favourite food
This one is a hard choice, I literally eat anything except olives!
Favourite TV programme
My all-time favourite has to be ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’.
Favourite joke
A family of three tomatoes were walking downtown one day when the little baby tomato started lagging behind. The big father tomato walks back to the baby tomato, stomps on her, squashing her into a red paste, and says, "Ketchup!"
If you could choose any car then what would it be and why?
Audi Q7 – I need a big car with two children and two dogs and it’s just a beauty of a car.
What would be a perfect day out of work?
I love family outings with my boys, anywhere where animals and rides are involved. Their current favourite place is ‘West Midlands Safari Park’.
What is you next big ambition in life?
To take over the world.

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