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Theresa Parnell

Theresa Parnell

Recruitment Consultant - Mansfield Branch

Professional Questions

When did you start working at JT Recruit?
16th July 2018
What are your greatest achievements?
Becoming a grandma.
What motivates you in work?
Helping people to find their ideal job. Booking my next holiday.
What are your specialist sectors?
Industrial. Am flexible.
What are the biggest challenges that you face on a day to day basis?
Managing without chocolate during the day!
What do you like about working for JT Recruit?
The team.
What is the best bit of the week for you?
Why do you like about working in recruitment?
I like a challenge and talking to different people
Why did you decide to move into recruitment?
Working with people.

Personal Questions

What are your hobbies and interests?
Caravanning and cruising.
Favourite band
Too embarrassed to say!!
Favourite destination
Wells next the Sea.
Favourite food
Fish fingers, mashed potatoes and baked beans with HP sauce on.
Favourite TV programme
Eat well for less.
Favourite joke
Don’t do jokes. I forget them.
If you could choose any car then what would it be and why?
Porsche 944 – always wanted one.
What would be a perfect day out of work?
With my grandchildren baking and making a mess for grandma to clean up.
What is you next big ambition in life?
More grandchildren.

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